Corporate Social

As a national contractor, EAST Solutions recognise the impact that the business has on the wider environment. The company is at the forefront of the drive to increase the amount of energy generated within the UK from renewable energy sources. EAST Solutions has a long and successful track record in helping customers go green by installing wind, solar and anaerobic digestion energy generation facilities on their sites.

As a responsible organisation, the company has assessed the impact that it has on the environment and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This is achieved by reducing the amount of travel that staff are required to make through use of video conferencing facilities as well as encouraging the use of public transport and working from home where practical. The company works with its supply chain to minimise waste and looks to recycle materials as much as possible.

Another key component of EAST Solutions approach is to support the local community that the company operates within. This is achieved through forming links to local schools and colleges to offer work experience placements as well as careers guidance and advice. The company also selects a charity partner to support each year and encourages staff to dedicate time to raising awareness for worthwhile causes.