Over the last couple years EAST have been working closely with our supply chain and retrofitting a number of remote monitoring systems to our clients wind and solar farm sites.

These cost effective installations can be undertaken in a matter of hours and offer the client a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Email/text alerts following event on the network
  • Enable site operators to view status of their network remotely
  • Identify type of fault with time log to identify patterns – Overcurrent/earth fault ,G59, DNO loss of mains
  • Identify if DNO circuit breaker is open to ensure correct SAP is called out – DNO and/or your HV contractor
  • The system has a back up battery so transmission is maintained

In addition we can also set the system up to offer remote circuit breaker operation – this has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of engineer callouts to reset the wind farm network following on from a trip event.

If this system is of interest and you would like more information please get in touch.