and Maintenance

As a leading provider of operation and maintenance services, EAST Solutions are experienced in working in a range of different environments. This includes wind farms both on and offshore, solar farms, manufacturing facilities as well as hospitals and universities.

These services include:

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Non-intrusive Substation Inspections

24/7/365 Emergency
callout cover across the UK

of SAP services
Asset Condition
support and advice
Transformer and
Switchgear repairs
Full written reports
provided for all visits

Case Studies



Project Name: Stronelairg and Dorenell Onshore Wind Farms

Date: November 2017 – December 2018

Brief Description Of The Works:

Stronelairg is a 66 turbine site owned by SSE and Dorenell is a 59 turbine site owned by EDF Renewables. EAST Solutions were approached by Vestas to commission the 33kV switchgear, windflex cables, transformers and protection relays in all 125 new turbines with some extremely tight timescales for energisation. Also included was a smaller site of 13 turbines in the same geographical area. This involved EAST commissioning teams staying away for up to two and a half weeks, sometimes in exceptionally cold and wintry conditions in order to meet the clients deadlines.

The work involved testing the 33kV switchgear and preparing the 33kV cable which connected it to the generation transformer at the top of the turbine. The transformers were also commissioned, along with the associated protection relays. Finally the commissioning forms were handed over to the client, often as soon as the following morning, in order for the turbines to be energised and connected to the grid. All three sites are located in the Scottish Highlands, making it a challenging trip at the start and finish of each mobilisation, with a total of 37 of these tripe to complete all three projects.

Client TestimonyMatt Gardner, Senior Project Manager at Vestas

“In late 2017-2018, Vestas installed a total of 138 turbines at various Windfarms around the Highlands of Scotland. In order to meet the rigorous programme demands of two major power Utilities, Vestas enlisted the support of EAST Solutions who had previously proven their flexibility to us, as well as their professional finishing capabilities. With regular liaison between all parties we managed to ensure all the arrays were energised on time with no technical issues. On more than one occasion the East Solutions team amended their personal activities back home in order to get the job finished. This was really appreciated by the Vestas teams.”

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Project Name: Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm

Date: 2010 – ongoing

Brief Description Of The Works:

Since 2010, EAST Solutions have been carrying out maintenance and HV repair works at Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm and the accompanying onshore substation. This work has included designing and implementing a remote switching handle so that the 33kV switchgear can be operated from outside the turbine, changing out 3 x 33kV circuit breakers in various turbines, transformer maintenance and transformer containment repairs, switchgear maintenance and repairs, transformer termination repair works, UPS testing and upgrades, onshore switchgear maintenance and protection testing along with a number of minor works at the office and visitors centre.

EAST has a number of SAP’s trained under the E.ON E&M rules to carry out SAP duties, and further offshore trained Technicians who assist with carrying out these works. During 2019 EAST are carrying out intrusive maintenance on one string of turbines, and non-intrusive maintenance on a further 2 strings as part of a rolling cycle. EAST are also carrying out the onshore switchgear maintenance along with the protection and G59 testing. These works call for a high degree of teamwork and working closely with the client in often challenging conditions.

Client TestimonyPhil Croston-Clegg, acting Plant Manager at E.ON

“EAST Solutions have been working at Scroby for a number of years, always delivering excellent service, especially for extra projects such as re-terminating our booted connections into the transformers. They have carried out a number of other projects to enable us to improve our production and minimise unnecessary outages, always liaising closely with our Management team. Having trained SAP’s within the business also helps when involved maintenance works are taking place at the site.”

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Birds Eye Foods

Project Name: Lowestoft Factory

Date: 2016 – ongoing

Brief Description Of The Works:

Since taking over the maintenance contract in 2016, EAST Solutions have carried out bi-annual substation inspections and annual intrusive maintenance outages. The intrusive maintenance has taken place over the Easter weekends in order to minimise downtime and this involved a large amount of liaison and planning with the customer to ensure that other essential maintenance works were not affected by the works over this period of time. All issues flagged up by the maintenance work were either corrected at the time, or weekend/Christmas outages were planned in to rectify these.

EAST have also assisted with 11kV Operational duties around the site, and are closely working with the Engineering team on various asset replacement projects. One issue last year was to source and replace a badly corroded transformer radiator bank before it started to leak oil. Whilst the new bank was on order, EAST de-oiled the transformer and removed the corroded bank, then fitted blanking plates before re-commissioning and temporarily de-rating the transformer so that it could be re-utilised in order to meet production deadlines.

The new bank was later fitted without production being affected during this period. Cable testing, oil sampling and analysis, protection testing, relay replacements, battery maintenance/replacements and diagnostic testing are all services that have been performed at this site since taking it under a maintenance agreement, which have contributed to a safer and more efficient factory network.

Client TestimonyEngineering Manager Jon Wetherell

“Andy Sagrott and the EAST Solutions team have reacted at very short notice to issues that have come up and support the factory in continuing production. The planned works have all gone well, EAST Solutions also liaised with UKPN to have the switch gear feeding the site to be serviced.”

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