Operations & Maintenance

Although being the most important of infrastructure, large power systems tend to be infrequently operated or maintained.

The primary purpose of maintenance is to avoid the likelihood of equipment failure which could be detrimental to a power supply.  EAST believes these consequences can be avoided by carrying out planned preventative maintenance and regular non-intrusive inspections to help identify and resolve any potential issues that may cause equipment to fail in the future.  However, when operations are to be carried out, it is essential that they are conducted correctly and safely as any improper actions can result in loss of supply and possible damage to plant and personnel.

EAST maintenance packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit each individual client.

EAST have developed a maintenance management system that provides the customer with a simple clear indication of maintenance target due dates and system status.
The following three key documents have been specifically produced.

Maintenance Schedule – displays the next due dates – allowing both the customer and EAST to monitor and plan forthcoming work.

Advisory Schedule – contains any system abnormalities or hazards that are not classed as defects, these items are recommendations by EAST to the customer.

Defects Schedule – contains any system abnormalities or hazards that are classed as defects that have been highlighted from inspection/maintenance activities or other sources.

This approach allows the customer to be able to ascertain the status of their system very simply without the need to make individual assessment of the inspection and maintenance reports that would normally be issued by other service providers

EAST also recognises the difficulties that system owners experience when trying to provide safe systems of work in operating their system. EAST have their own set of System Safety Rules that they can use on your system, or alternatively EAST  will implement the customer’s own System Safety Rules and provide help and advice on its execution.

Alternatively, EAST can design a unique training package complete with operational procedures, tailored to suit a systems requirements.

If you require urgent assistance from one of EAST’S Senior Authorised Persons, they have a 24hr call out service. EAST aims to provide an immediate response for one of their engineers to carry out switching operations on your system or attend to assist with faults on your system

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“Was really impressed by the way you and your team carried out the planned maintenance over the Easter period.”
Technical Services Manager, Birds Eye



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