Have you installed renewable energy generation – solar, wind, anaerobic digestion (AD) on your land?

Would you like to maximise the return on your investment?

If so, at Energy And System Technical (EAST Solutions) we have delivered a number of schemes where we have found a private consumer for the electricity that is being generated via renewable sources. These end users are typically a local industrial/manufacturing/commercial business that are looking to expand and therefore need more power.

We call this a “private wire” meaning that the electricity is delivered between a connection from the renewable energy generator through to the demand user, without the need for exporting all of the energy generated to the grid.

A number of our clients have found this to be a commercially beneficial arrangement as opposed to just generating back into the national distribution electricity network.

At EAST we can undertake the complete project lifecycle including:

  • Concept design/investigation
  • Introductions to local, potential demand users
  • Technical studies/system design
  • Procurement of infrastructure
  • Installation of the network to connect both parties
  • Test and commissioning
  • Ongoing operations and maintenance all supported with 24/7/365 callout cover

If you think this concept may work for you, then please get in touch to discuss further.

You will find on our website a case study for a similar recently completed project https://www.east-solutions.co.uk/private-networks/

Michael Delgudice – Managing Director – mdelgudice@east-solutions.co.uk 07534 657249

Michael Potter – Technical Director – mpotter@east-solutions.co.uk  07435 974573