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Family First

Every Measure is Taken to Ensure That Our Employees Are Feel Valued and Supported, as Members of Our Extended Family.

 Employee Benefits 


Life is unpredictable, and health concerns are part of the course. To stand by you during such times, we offer a considerate sick pay policy inclusive to support recovery without financial stress. We also offer an inclusive healthcare package that goes beyond the basics. Our healthcare plan ensures you and your nearest ones have access to the highest standard of care - whenever it's needed. Our 'Expert Select Treatment Path' feature provides the choice and flexibility to manage healthcare needs without financial restraint.

Paternity & Maternity Leave

Understanding that new chapters in life, such as expanding your family, are occasions of joy mingled with challenges, East Solutions extends support to ensure you can cherish these moments fully. With two-weeks of fully paid paternity leave and a three-month complete maternity leave pay—proceeding with an additional three months at half pay, we stand by our employees during these precious initial weeks. Our goal is for you to forge those irreplaceable bonds without the added strain of financial concerns.


Acknowledging the significance of future planning, East Solutions offers an elevated pension contribution on behalf of our employees—this exceeds the national pension scheme requirements. Working at East Solutions you can be confident that your aspirations, health, family, and future are as important to us as they are to you.

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