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Working at East Solutions

Careers with Purpose and Progress.

Your career will be fuelled by our fundamental values  -

safety, development, inclusiveness, community support and family wellness.


Safety Isn't Just A Policy; It's The Heartbeat Of Our Operations. At East Solutions, you'll be part of an ecosystem where robust safety practices are intertwined with our daily operations, ensuring that each member of our team can return home safe and sound.

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Our diverse workforce is the cornerstone of our success. We draw strength from different perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds. East Solutions thrives on inclusivity, where every individual—irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, or age—is empowered to excel. We don't just welcome diversity; we celebrate it daily as a fundamental part of our continued success.


Investing in our people is synonymous with investing in our future. Working at East Solutions, you'll find ample opportunities to broaden your horizons – be it through on-the-job learning, formal training, or mentorship programmes. Annual appraisals pave the way for clear goal-setting, ensuring that every career path is marked with milestones of personal and professional growth. 



We believe in giving back through robust partnerships with charities and empowering our employees to contribute. With a full day's paid leave allocated for charity work each year, we encourage you to engage in causes that resonate with you personally.


When we say 'East Solutions family', we mean it. Our inclusive healthcare benefits extend to your loves ones because we believe care and support starts at home.  At the heart of our values is caring for our employees and this extends beyond the individual. With flexible healthcare benefits, inclusive family health coverage, and generous maternity and paternity leave policies, we ensure you're supported during life’s most significant moments.

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