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Anglian Water Harnesses Sun Power with Onsite Solar Farm Private Wire Project

Anglian Water - Case Study


Anglian Water needed to integrate their on-site solar generation at Pitsford Reservoir and Grafham site into their existing HV network, without disrupting the continuity of supply. East Solutions was chosen to design, install and commission the project, which required a complex scheme to ensure safety and consistency of supply.

 Project Facts    


Our in-house technical department carried out the necessary system studies and design work to ensure that the new network was compliant with current laws and regulations, as well as being fit for purpose. The latest protection and control panels were installed, giving Anglian Water access to how the system operated and providing peace of mind that it would cut the supply if the system operated outside of its agreed parameters to protect the network and equipment from getting damaged.

East Solutions installed a G100 export control scheme that was agreed by the local DNO, ensuring that any excess power was not exported beyond the client’s export agreement. Throughout the installation, our Project's team had to navigate challenging cable routes, which required directional drilling across the sites water spillway. Prior to handing over the project to the client, our in-house SAP organised and deployed a full commissioning team to test and ensure that the equipment met the required standards and worked well before energisation.

The project was completed on time and within budget, with minimal downtime due to careful planning, coordination and communication. Both sites now operate through renewable generation, contributing to Anglian Water’s sustainability goals. We are proud to have played a role in ensuring the successful integration of solar generation into Anglian Water’s existing HV network.


The implementation of the export control scheme, in conjunction with the installation of the project in a busy operational site, required careful planning to minimise disruption. All final connections were strategically coordinated to mitigate any impact on the site during

the execution of this work.

 The Results 

After successfully implementing the projects, Anglian Water was able to utilise on-site solar power, with a capacity to generate 12 megawatts of renewable energy.

This allowed the site to rely on renewable energy sources whenever possible, while any surplus energy from the solar generators could be exported to the grid. These features were in line with the client’s sustainability and financial objectives.


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