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Powering Electric Waste Collection Vehicles at Biffa Site with Milton Keynes Recycling Centre's Private Wire Extension

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park - Case Study


East Solutions was awarded a private wire project for the Milton Keynes Waste Recycling Centre and Biffa Waste Site. The project was executed in two phases, with the first phase focusing on designing, supplying, and installing a private wire extension. The second phase involved the design and supply of three transformer compounds, connected to new electric vehicle charging points.

 Project Facts    


East Solutions was tasked with the design, supply, and installation of a private wire extension at the Milton Keynes Waste Recycling Centre. This project was divided into two phases, with the first phase involving the extension of a private wire from the existing recycling centre to the nearby Biffa Waste Site.


To ensure the success of the project, East Solutions in-house technical department completed a full design on the project. This included the development of 11kV protection settings, 11kV substation design, substation earthing design, cable calculations, equipment specification, as-built cable route installation drawings, harmonic study G5/5, protection and control loop design for intertrip/interlock, earth design, and power quality survey.


On-site, East Solutions' Projects department conducted civil trenching and HV cable installation along a route of approximately 250 meters through to the new substation location on the Biffa Waste side. East Solutions' constructed a suitable substation base, and supplied a new GRP, installing the free issued Schneider Genie Evo switchgear in the new substation along with the battery charger, small power, lighting, and a bespoke fibre signalling cabinet that connected the new substation back to the existing 11kV switchboard.


To ensure that the private wire extension was safe and reliable for use, all works were tested and commissioned by East Solutions.


The second phase of the project involved the design and supply of three transformer compounds, connected to new electric vehicle charging points. The charging points were used to charge up the waste collection lorries as the site switched to EV.


East Solutions worked alongside another company for the supply and install of the electric vehicle chargers. The Projects team built the substation bases, installed fences around each compound, carried out the cable trenching, and installed the HV cables between each substation.


All works were tested and commissioned once again, ensuring that the project was completed to the highest standards of safety and quality.


Working on an operational waste site with regular waste drop-offs necessitated communication and coordination among all parties involved. It was imperative that the project proceeded safely and efficiently, without impeding the site's ongoing activities. East Solutions collaborated closely with the site management to ensure adherence to all safety protocols and strict schedule compliance.

 The Results 

The private wire project has proven highly successful, facilitating a significant reduction in carbon footprint and cost savings across both sites while offering sustainable energy solutions.


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