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Reliable Maintenance Solutions for One of the UK's Largest Wind Farms

Scottish Power Renewables - Maintenance Case Study


Scottish Power Renewables, one of the leading energy companies in the UK, has entrusted East Solutions with its high voltage operations and maintenance services for two of its regions in Scotland - Scotland South and Scotland Central. This partnership includes the management of one of the largest wind farms in the UK, Whitelee 1 and 2. East Solutions has been successfully providing annual inspections and customised maintenance plans to Scottish Power Renewables, ensuring that all HV equipment on site is fully operational and reliable.

 Project Facts    


East Solutions scope of works includes annual inspections of all HV equipment on site, along with a customised maintenance plan for each piece of equipment. The maintenance plan includes service intervals ranging from 12 to 60 months for all HV switchgear, transformers, and protection relays. East Solutions works in tandem with Scottish Power Renewables to schedule outages so that maintenance tasks do not coincide with peak wind production periods. This ensures that all maintenance tasks are carried out in a safe and efficient manner, without compromising on energy production.

East Solutions coordinates its efforts with other contractors on-site, allowing for the completion of other mechanical and electrical maintenance tasks within the turbines. This collaboration results in reduced downtime and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to cost savings for Scottish Power Renewables. Additionally, East Solutions provides Scottish Power Renewables with our in-house SAPs across the region for other planned and reactive works. The provision of SAPs ensures that all works are carried out to the highest safety standards, further reducing the risk of downtime due to safety issues.

East Solutions has successfully completed all works to date and continues to provide Scottish Power Renewables with reliable and efficient HV maintenance services. East Solutions approach to maintenance also ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed before they become major problems, reducing the risk of breakdowns and downtime.


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