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Revolutionising Energy at Codford: Inside the New 13MW Solar Development


Push Energy engaged East Solutions for their latest project. The objective was to develop a comprehensive proposal for the contestable and private works necessary for the establishment of a new 33 kV substation. This substation would cater to a new solar development at Codford Biogas Site, capable of generating 13 megawatts of renewable energy.

The project posed unique challenges to East Solutions, including the execution of East Solutions largest in-house cable pull to date. This task was accomplished following specialised training and the implementation of comprehensive risk mitigation measures.

 Project Facts    


East Solutions in-house Technical Department ensured that the project adhered to the required specifications and standards by producing comprehensive CAD drawings for both the contestable and private system. The project encompassed a full design service, which included protection and earthing studies, as well as the overall DNO system design, substation construction requirements, and cable route trenching requirements.

For the first phase of onsite works, East Solutions conducted civil trenching along a 4,000-metre cable route spanning several owners’ agricultural land. Following the completion of cable trenching, EAST supplied and installed the DNO contestable substation foundations and bases and then commenced the electrical installation, which encompassed a multi panel switchboard with a DNO incomer and customer feeder with metering equipment.

After the completion of the DNO contestable substation, our team of engineers and technicians embarked on East Solutions first cable pull of this scale, marking a significant milestone in our operations. Considering the substantial length involved, the team underwent specific training which required training in operating the necessary machinery, including monitoring cable tension throughout the pull by reel back tension.

In order to ensure a successful 4,000-meter cable pull, a comprehensive set of risk and method statements were meticulously prepared, and designated roles were assigned to personnel. After completing all joints, the trench was backfilled, and the land was restored.

East Solutions handled all excavation works for the customer’s private switch room, including the supply and reinforcement of the switch room base. The switch room entailed the installation of a G99 relay, air metering unit, 33kV auxiliary transformer, and customer/DNO interface connection panel. On-site, the cables were terminated onto the provided solar inverter transformers. Prior to project handover to the

client, a commissioning team was deployed to test and ensure the equipment met the required DNO standards before energisation. To ensure effective project management, milestone tracking, and communication among the manufacturer, design team, and client, the project was assigned a dedicated project manager and coordinator.


East Solutions successfully completed its longest cable route to date, necessitating additional training for employees to operate tractors and diggers. A comprehensive set of risk assessments and method statements were generated in accordance with client specifications. Notably, the cable had to be pulled in 1km lengths, twice the usual 500m, posing unique challenges along the windy route.

Upon installation of the on-site private cables by a third party, it was discovered that these cables had incurred sheath damage. East Solutions was subsequently tasked with locating and rectifying the issue, ensuring successful testing and compliance prior to energisation.

The project was executed during the winter months, which posed challenges due to adverse weather conditions on a clay terrain site. As a result, it was necessary to create new RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) to address these conditions and ensure the safety and success of the project.

 The Results 

After successfully energising the project using our in-house commissioning engineers, our client acquired a solar site with the capacity to generate 13 megawatts of renewable energy, actively contributing to the UK’s net-zero target.


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