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Learning and Development

We Value Our People as Our Greatest Strength and Are Fully Invested in Fostering Their Development.


Working With Us, You'll Find Ample Room To Broaden Your Horizons And Deepen Your Skillset.

 Training Programmes 

We are proud to invest in our team's growth with over 100 specialised training programmes, from Site Management Safety Training Scheme to Protection of Transmission and Distribution Systems certification. This enables each member of our workforce to benefit from an array of training opportunities, equipping them to excel in their chosen fields.


Mentorship is woven into the fabric of our company, ensuring that every individual – regardless of experience level – has access to tailored support that aligns with their personal aspirations and professional objectives. Mentorship at East Solutions is more than guidance—it's an opportunity to learn from professionals who are not only experts in their fields but are also invested in your success.

 Continuous Improvement 

We carry a philosophy of continuous improvement, both for our services and our employees.


Through our annual appraisals, we set clear, achievable goals tailored to your career path, marked with milestones that celebrate every level of personal and professional achievement. 

We are committed to nurturing talent and recognising the intrinsic link between the growth of our people and the advancement of our company. Joining East Solutions does not merely mean landing a job; it's a step towards laying down the tracks for a rewarding career."

Michael Delgudice

Managing Director


Explore Our Trainee's Story

In 2022, Michael embarked on a new chapter with East Solutions, stepping into the field without any prior experience in HV operations. Within the span of two years, Michael has participated in our comprehensive adult trainee programme, progressing him towards the role of a competent jointer across 11kV and 33kV networks. 

Before joining East Solutions, my career was within civil engineering, where I worked as an excavator operator and labourer on the ground. My aspiration for professional development steered me towards East Solutions, which opened doors for me through their Adult Trainee Mentoring Programme. The mentoring programme offered a hybrid of classroom learning alongside hands-on site mentorship, enhancing both my knowledge and skills.

Since joining I've taken part in various training courses, such as the St Johns Mental Health First Aid program – enabling me to serve as one of the company’s Mental Health First Aiders. I have also undertaken the Energy and Utilities Skills Register 11kV jointing course, which has been vital in broadening my technical knowledge.

One aspect I really value in my role at East Solutions is how the leadership encourages our personal development. They are very supportive when it comes to pursuing new learning opportunities, such as additional courses to enhance our skills.

Beyond the learning and development opportunities offered, there is a real sense of charitable giving within the company. Participating in last year's skydive event to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, and taking part in the 'cook for a cause' has been incredibly rewarding.

In my personal time, I am passionate about motocross racing. With six years of experience, I spend my free weekends on the track. This year I am looking forward to a training trip to Spain!

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