Training and

EAST Solutions believe that as the company develops so should its people. The organisation actively supports employee development through both on the job learning as well as external training. The company manages this development via a training and development matrix and all staff are provided with an employee passport to track progress. Both office staff and operational staff are sent on external training courses to aid this development including academic college based learning. The company’s philosophy is that everyone can always learn new skills and gain more experience.

All operational staff are authorised under the company’s System Safety Rules. This process is managed by the organisations appointed Authorising Officer and Assessing Officer. As people progress and gain experience, they are subject to an onsite reassessment to ensure that their Authorisation and Competency certification remains up to date.

The company holds annual employee appraisals which provide an opportunity for all staff to sit down with their line manager and review the previous year’s performance. In addition to this objectives for the year ahead are outlined and agreed as well as any future training requirements.

Head Office

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