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Meet The Team

Alexandra's Journey
At East Solutions.









As the Sales and Contracts Coordinator at East Solutions, I am responsible for developing and managing client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and liaising with our supply chain to ensure a high standard of service is being received. Prior to my time at East Solutions, my experience was in senior management roles within the interior design industry. I believe with this experience, I have been able to bring a fresh perspective to our sales department.


One of the most exciting aspects of my role at East Solutions has been the opportunity to work on a number of high-profile projects, including marketing campaigns and charity events. One project that stands out in particular is the work we did to secure our largest project to date. It required extensive collaboration between our team of estimators, designers, project engineers and supply chain, as well as a collaborative relationship with with our client.


I believe the company is committed to corporate social responsibility, and strives to make a positive impact on the communities we work in. I have had the pleasure of working alongside my colleagues on a number of initiatives, from organising fundraising events for local and global charities to working on our sustainability path to net zero. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of a company that cares about its employees, the planet, and the wider community.


One of the things I appreciate most about working at East Solutions is the focus on professional growth and development. The senior management team is incredibly supportive, and they work closely with employees to help them achieve their goals. Whether the objectives are personal or work-related, it is common to witness the company sponsoring team members for sporting events or career development opportunities. As someone who values continuous learning and development, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a company that prioritises these things.


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