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Lorenzo's Journey
At East Solutions.









As a civil engineer at East Solutions,  I am responsible for designing civil structures for projects, conducting site surveys and assessments, collaborating with electrical and mechanical engineers, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. One of my key skills is proficiency in the latest civil design software technologies. I possess strong research and development capabilities in virtual reality and surveying, which aids in assessing various design options and identifying potential issues before the construction phase, optimising design workflows for improved efficiency and accuracy.

With extensive experience in the construction industry, particularly in architectural projects and specialisation in precast concrete for domestic and commercial projects, my interest in the specific aspects of civil engineering led me to transition to a more design-focused sector. East Solutions  provided the ideal platform for further skills development and industry experience.

Passionate about driving the transition to BIM for enhanced project management, sustainability, and green engineering practices, I believe BIM integration can optimize workflows, reduce waste, and enhance work quality. Sustainable practices in design and construction processes can minimise environmental impact and promote a sustainable future.

Corporate responsibility, to me, encompasses upholding ethical standards in design and implementation, prioritising environmental sustainability, and engaging in community development initiatives. Recognising the impact of our work on people and the environment, it is essential to ensure projects are safe, effective, and beneficial to the wider community.

The most rewarding aspect of being part of East Solutions  team is the opportunities for professional growth and development. I believe East Solutions  cultivates a collaborative work environment, encourages employees to embrace challenges, and offers avenues for personal and career advancement. Knowing our work contributes to critical infrastructure improvements adds meaning to our efforts.

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