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At East Solutions.









As the Managing Director of East Solutions, my primary responsibilities encompass ensuring the successful execution of our organisational strategy, managing and allocating resources to each team to secure safe and effective deliveries for our clients, whilst ensuring the growth and advancement of individuals within the business.


Having been part of the HV industry since 2007, my experience spans various domains such as office administration, sales, business development, and operational management. Starting my career in a part-time capacity providing support at a local office, my professional journey has evolved significantly since then. I do not consider myself to specialise in any particular area. As I look across this industry, I believe I am relatively unique in my current role, having not started out as an apprentice engineer. However, I bring to the business strong problem-solving skills and firmly hold the belief that every issue has a solution. I thrive as a team player, understanding that collective effort towards a shared objective elevates the overall success of the business. The most rewarding aspect of my role is seeing individuals achieve and grow with the business, whether existing employees or new team members who come on board. We value each of our team members, and we aim to create a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth.


As a business, we recognise a responsibility that extends beyond profitability. Corporate social responsibility, in my view, involves fulfilling commitments in a manner that promotes sustainability. Operating responsibly includes providing support to the individuals and communities in which we operate.


Looking ahead to the business's future, my objective is to ensure that we never become complacent about our accomplishments. It is essential to always acknowledge opportunities for advancement. I envision a continuous progression towards realising our business objectives and achieving greater success. I am particularly pleased with our dynamic and agile business approach, where we proactively identify areas for improvement and the need for change. This proactive approach enables us to consistently strive for better.


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