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Meet The Team

Quinton's Journey
At East Solutions.










As an estimator at East Solutions, my core responsibility is to accurately price jobs to get best value for the customer while working within industry standards. This involves reviewing project specifications, assessing labour and material costs, and providing clients with a fair and competitive estimates. In addition to pricing jobs, I also work closely with our project managers to ensure that the scope of work is clearly defined and that any potential issues are identified and addressed before work begins.


My professional journey led me to East Solutions through my previous job, which involved quoting bike insurance. While I did not have any experience with HV estimating at the time, I was able to apply my customer service skills to effectively communicate with clients and understand their needs. When I learned about the opportunity at East Solutions, I saw it as a chance to expand my skillset and learn about a new industry.


Within my career at East Solutions, I have developed a strong focus when it comes to meeting clients' requests and ensuring that all work is completed to their satisfaction. Additionally, I have a huge drive to meet clients' deadlines, which has helped to deliver projects on time and within budget. I am passionate about achieving continued growth and success for the company. I also strive to further develop my skills and knowledge in estimating and project management to better serve our clients.


The most rewarding aspect of working at East Solutions is the tight-knit feeling within the team - everyone is willing to help each other out! It is also refreshing to have a close relationship with the Managing Director, I believe it provides a sense of security and trust that is often lacking in other workplaces. Looking ahead to 2024 I will be partaking in the company’s charity golf day to raise funds and awareness for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Working for a business that prioritises the wider environment and doing as much as possible to help those in need is really important and inspiring to me. 


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