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Celebrating World Book Day

World Book Day has always been a significant date on the calendar for anyone who loves literature and believes in the power of stories. It’s a day that celebrates authors, illustrators, books, and most importantly, the joys of reading. This year, East Solutions has decided to channel our passion for reading into a cause that hits close to home—bringing comfort and joy to the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Our teams have been busy gathering an assortment of children's literature, including storybooks, activity books, as well as colouring and sticker books. Through the power of storytelling and the simple joy of a colourful book, we are aiming to transport these remarkable children to fantastical realms, to meet curious characters, and to partake in adventures far beyond the hospital walls.

This initiative forms part of our ongoing commitment to support the hospital with much-needed donations. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed! 


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