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Welcoming New and Returning Faces to East Solutions This Spring

Spring at East Solutions is a time of growth and renewal. We're excited to welcome new team members and reunite with familiar faces. We extend a warm welcome to new team members and celebrate the return of those we've missed.

Andy Leven is no stranger to East Solutions. After a short break elsewhere, Andy Leven is back with us, bringing his expertise and energy back into the Operations & Maintenance team. Kieran Knox has also decided to stay at East Solutions, withdrawing his resignation. We are pleased to announce that he will resume his role within the Projects team as a Technician.

With new beginnings in mind, we welcome Jake Moore and James Hardy as Project Technicians, combining over two decades of experience to drive our projects division forward. And, looking ahead, Charlie Marston will join the O&M team as an Engineer on April 8th. Charlie, a warm welcome in advance - we look forward to having you within the team!


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