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Unveiling Our New Workspace: Downham Market Office Springs into Renovation

Change is in the air at our head office in Downham Market, and it's not just the spring breeze! Post-Christmas desk-hopping became the new sport for our technical team as they played a game of musical chairs - all in the spirit of making space for something bigger and better!


We believe that the best ideas are born from collaboration. Our Design team swapped their usual projects for something a little closer to home. Utilising our new BIM software, they reimagined our office layout with more space, more facilities, and more meeting rooms for team collaboration. Everyone's voice helped shape our office's new look!  We've taken a huge leap towards matching our physical space with our company's expanding vision.


With the dust now settled and desks reclaimed our space feels ours again! With a few final touches left to do we look forward to welcoming more employees into our expanding space. 


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