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Loughborough University Invests in Future with HV Substation Upgrade for New Chemistry Department

Loughborough University - Case Study


After an extensive tender process, East Solutions was honoured to be selected as the Principal Contractor, charged with the task of designing and implementing a new HV substation upgrade for Loughborough University’s new chemistry department. Our goal was to design and install a new HV substation along with comprehensive civil engineering works. The project encompassed laying LV cabling, and upgrading the LV switchboards to ensure a reliable and efficient power supply throughout the university. This project was vital for enhancing the campus’s infrastructure and involved meticulous planning, coordination, and execution to meet the university’s requirements and to ensure minimal disruption to the university’s operations.

 Project Facts    


East Solutions was selected as the Principle Contractor for a project at Loughborough University, where we were tasked with the comprehensive design and installation of a new HV substation, along with the associated civil engineering works, laying LV cabling, and upgrading the LV switchboards. Our in-house team delivered the HV structural works directly, whilst coordinating with our approved and vetted subcontracted specialists for the LV assembly, fire detection systems, building management systems (BMS), metering installations, and additional civil infrastructural tasks.

The project design phase was conducted internally, encompassing the planning of the substation structure, private earthing system design, thorough cable calculations, and the selection of necessary equipment.

East Solutions introduced an advanced E3 transformer, providing the University with an ultra-efficient energy solution, along with a close coupled RMU. Our responsibilities included fitting the substation with an earthing solution and ensuring the provision of auxiliary power and lighting solutions, all encased within a GRP housing. The seamless integration of the new substation with the university’s pre-existing HV network was also overseen by East Solutions.

Our civil engineering responsibilities included the construction of the base for the substation, as well as the excavation of trenches meant for both HV and LV cables and erecting the enclosure for the substation.

The project’s final phase involved removing an outdated LV switchboard and implementing a replacement unit, as well as introducing a new switchboard. We employed a fire alarm provider approved by the university to put in place a state-of-the-art fire warning system purpose-built for the substation, supplementing this with a new metering arrangement.


The university’s grounds are a constantly evolving hub of action. To accomplish the required tasks without interrupting the campus’s dynamic flow, and to ensure the power was activated according to the planned schedule, the project called for well-established communication lines. It was crucial for the university’s facilities personnel, the students, and the project team from East Solutions to maintain open dialogue, keeping everyone well-informed and addressing any issues swiftly.

EAST carefully planned operations during periods of low activity, thereby reducing the disturbances within the university. The ability to adapt to the lively nature of the campus was paramount. East Solutions showcased a flexible method, adjusting plans in real time to accommodate the ever-changing atmosphere of the university, all while staying focused on the project’s completion.

During the execution phase, the project involved both familiar and unfamiliar elements. The works included handling everything from HV requirements to intricate fire alarm systems and metering technologies.

 The Results 

Following the successful energisation, Loughborough University’s chemistry department now enjoys a robust power supply that meets their energy demands. Post-installation, East Solutions has maintained its partnership with the university, providing continual support with HV upgrades. Additionally, East Solutions has secured the maintenance contract for the university premises.


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