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Addressing CHP Alternator Challenges in a Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Barley Brigg - Case Study


The Barley Brigg Anaerobic Digestion Electricity Generation Plant encountered issues with the current balance across the CHP alternator. East Solutions was engaged to conduct an investigation and subsequently install a 1600kVA rated Z-wound transformer and associated Ring Main Unit. This turnkey project involved coordination between our in-house Technical department, Projects team, and

finally our Operations and Maintenance department.


After observing similar issues with AD Plants connected to rural grid systems on other clients, East Solutions quickly determined that there was likely a generation imbalance. Upon careful consideration of available options to address the generation imbalance, East Solutions ruled out the use of expensive dynamic grid optimisers, individual inverters, and voltage regulators that had previously been used unsuccessfully by a DNO at an alternative site.

East Solutions believed that a Z-wound transformer could balance the current output of the CHP by equalizing the grid loads and impedance through the cross-winding of phases over the transformer core. Following the principles used for Z-wound transformers on large wind farms but in reverse power flow, East Solutions supplied and commissioned a 1600kVA rated Z-wound transformer and associated Ring Main Unit using our in-house commissioning teams. The project required coordinating and arranging all isolations with the local DNO, UK Power Network.

Since the completion of the project, the Barley Briggs AD Plant has experienced a significant reduction in network trips, minimising unnecessary outages.


The project presented a distinct set of challenges that necessitated close collaboration with the client, DNO, and our Technical and Projects department. These challenges involved adapting and replacing an existing system, as well as making modifications to the substation base and LV cabinet to accommodate the

new transformer.


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